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Training camp ahead of World Championships

The Namibian Table Tennis senior national team underwent a three-week training camp this month ahead of their trip to the World Cup Table Tennis championships  taking place from 28 April to 5 May in Japan. The camp took place under the watchful eye of former South African national player, Shane Overmeyer. The cooperation came about after Overmeyer was approached by members of the Namibian Table Tennis Association (NTTA) to help prepare the national team for Japan. Overmeyer boosts more than 20 years’ experience. During the course, Overmeyer focused on the strengths as well as the short-comings of the team. “The world champs are around the corner. It would be counterproductive to change the game of the players entirely shortly before such a tournament. It was more important to develop the skills that are there and to correct faults in their play”, the South African, who played professionally in Belgium for a while, explained.

The training focused on tactical improvements, foot work, hand movement and return service exercises. Overmeyer worked closely with each individual, achieving maximum results. Although Overmeyer remarked that the level of the Namibian team is good, it will take more training to close the gap between them and the world-class nations. “They are good, but, they have to continue improving. I have seen great improvements with the players. It is important that they don’t stop here and go on developing their skills”, he said.
The world cup is sub-dived into six groups, whereby the top-ranked nations compete in the first four. The non-seeded and non-ranked countries, like Namibia, Botswana or Nepal, battle it out in the other two divisions.

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