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SWAPO Youth League condemns Supreme Court verdict to recognise same-sex marriages contracted abroad

SWAPO Youth League condemns Supreme Court verdict to recognise same-sex marriages contracted abroad

By Clifton Movirongo.

Following the recent decision by the Supreme Court to recognize same-sex marriages contracted abroad between citizens and foreign spouses, SWAPO Party Youth League (SPYL) secretary Ephraim Nekongo, said recently that SPYL strongly condemned the ruling, saying that “homosexuality has no basis in our laws, both written and unwritten.”

The court declared that if a marriage is legally concluded under the statutory requirements for a valid marriage in a foreign jurisdiction, it should be recognized in Namibia. Moreover, the decision overturns a ruling reached last year by the High Court, which refused to accept same-sex marriages concluded outside Namibia.

Nekongo said that the Supreme Court’s judgment undermines the identity of Namibia “as a country,” adding that it is undoubtedly clear that Namibian laws do not allow for the recognition of same-sex marriages.

“The Namibian constitution and the will of the majority of the Namibian people must therefore be respected. It is clear that this judgement has undermined our sacred identity as a country and a people,” he added.

Nekongo said that allowing such will bring about moral decay and backwardness in the country. “We, therefore, call on our progressive citizens, organizations, and other nations to join us in rejecting homosexuality on our territory,” Nekongo said.

“The Swapo government should avoid being complicit in the advancement of the demonic agenda of the dark forces,” Nekongo said. He also said that the so-called “dark forces” seek to undermine “our principles, our culture, and every moral fiber upon which the functionality of our society is premised.”

The SPYL secretary also called on the government and its representations in parliament to craft legislation that speaks on SPYL’s collective position in “the rejection of homosexuality” and all that it entails in line with the SWAPO Party Constitution.



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