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Comprehensive directory for tourism and hospitality education launched

Comprehensive directory for tourism and hospitality education launched

By Jaenique Swartz.

The Namibia Travel & Tourism Forum (NTTF) this week officially launched its exclusive directory for eager scholars and professionals to explore and understand the range of educational opportunities available to them.

The directory was published under “The Essential Directory of Namibia’s Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality” title.

Founder of NTTF, Nrupesh Soni, said, “We are committed to the growth and the development sector, and we believe that by investing in our youth we are investing in Namibia”.

He further expressed, “We believe that information is power, and by providing an accessible directory of the various educational avenues available in the tourism and hospitality sectors, we are enabling our youth to take control of their future”.

With the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the travel and tourism industry, this directory serves as a vital tool for those in these vibrant sectors, the guide exposes educational opportunities in the capital to as far as the northern regions of the country.

The institutions published in the directory are recognized through the Namibia Qualifications Authority or the Namibia Training Authority.

The directory will be published quarterly to provide valuable and accessible information, however, NTTF notes that information might not be 100% accurate and is subject to change at all times.


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