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N$248 million committed to boost municipal road upgrades leading to the Port of Walvis Bay

N$248 million committed to boost municipal road upgrades leading to the Port of Walvis Bay

The Municipality of Walvis Bay, Road Fund Administration (RFA), and the Road Authority (RA) on Wednesday signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) to maintain and upgrade municipal roads in Walvis Bay.

The Walvis Bay Municipality said the RFA has committed N$ 248 million as part of the tripartite, over five years.

RFA Chief Executive, Ali Ipinge said the N$248 million which is derived from the Road User Charges, will be used for the rehabilitation and widening of municipal roads leading to the Port of Walvis Bay.

“Through the joint MoA, we are signing, the RFA, RA, and Municipality of Walvis Bay, will ensure added support to the national vision of promoting the national road corridors and logistical hub ideals as enshrined in Namibia’s Vision 2030,” he added.

Mayor of Walvis Bay, Trevion Forbes said the MoA represents a significant step forward in ensuring that roads are upgraded and that safety and accessibility to the town are enhanced.

“Following accelerating complaints by road users due to the condition of the roads, our Acting Chief Executive  arranged a meeting with the RFA in January 2023 and the outcome was positive and led to the signing of this agreement,” added Forbes.

He further noted that he has faith in the expertise and technical support that the municipality will receive from the RFA and RA in bringing this development to life.


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