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Human Capital key to prosperity in tourism sector – HAN congress in June

Human Capital key to prosperity in tourism sector – HAN congress in June

Sponsors and partners to this year’s Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN) Congress said the essence of a successful and prosperous nation rests in the empowerment of its people, when HAN launched its upcoming congress earlier this week at the Breweries’ Felsenkeller Bar in Windhoek.

HAN has dedicated the Congress 2023, that will take place on 15 and 16 May at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre, to address the biggest global challenge facing tourism post COVID-19, which is acute skills deficiency.

Breweries Financial Director, Waldemar von Lieres commended the tourism sector for focusing on the development of human capital as the cornerstone of any successful nation. Country Manager at Bannerman Resources, Werner Ewald said the need for skills development in all sectors is needed, emphasising the need for passion for the country, its environment and skills for its people, that constitutes the winning recipe of a successful country.

Both First National Bank of Namibia and Marsh Namibia reiterated strong support to the tourism sector, which plays a strong role in socio-economic development and provision of opportunities for the youth and people in all regions of the country.

HAN Chief Executive, Gitta Paetzold said the Congress paves the way for a tourism training roadmap for Namibia, through which a solid and strong network of training opportunities will be crafted, tourism carrier paths outlined and opportunities for both national and international exchange programmes identified.

These opportunities will ensure that young Namibians with a passion for tourism and the environment will be keen to join the sector as skilled and enthusiastic ambassadors, and become perfect hosts to visitors to Namibia,” she added.

She said young Namibians must carry the warm and friendly hospitality skills beyond the borders of the country in the many aspiring exchange programmes that the global tourism sector holds for the youth.

Paetzold emphasised that at the Congress more than 24 different training providers in Namibia, from universities, vocational training centres, the training authorities including NIED and NTA, will join them. “The training providers will join tourism businesses from Namibia and international businesses to outline the diversity of training modules for tourism in the country, the misconceptions about tourism jobs, the alleged misfits in terms of theoretical skills acquisition and practical implementation, as well as breaking the barriers due to persistent ignorance about the scope of the multi-facetted travel and tourism sector,” she said.

Partnering with HAN are long standing sponsors Namibia Breweries Limited, Bannerman Resources, Marsh Namibia and First National Bank of Namibia.

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