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Regional Council commissions electricity to settlements in Omaheke region

Regional Council commissions electricity to settlements in Omaheke region

By Jaenique Swartz.

Nearly two thousand residents of Omaheke Region will experience the incredible joy of having electricity in their homes for the first time in their lives, when the Omaheke Regional Council switches on the newly connected households later this month.

Late last week on Friday 5 May, Ignatius Kariseb, the Council Chairperson announced the commissioning of electricity to a number of settlements in the Omaheke region.

The morning event will be officiated by Vice President Nangolo Mbumba on 15 May at the Drimiopsis Growth Point.

Kariseb in a statement expressed that, “We believe that the commissioning of electricity will have a transformative impact on the lives of the resident in the Omaheke region.”

The Omaheke Regional Council has chosen three specific communities that will be commissioned next week, starting with the Kalahari constituency where a total of 173 households, divided between the Ben Hur Settlement and the Drimiopsis Growth Point, will be connected.

The Okorumkambe district follows where 48 households at the Omitara settlement and 86 households at the Farm Du Plessis will be receiving electricity.

Lastly on the agenda is Epukiro at Otjirere settlement whereby three households in the San community, as well as a kindergarten is on the list of recipients.

Kariseb further stated “These households will be able to power their homes and businesses which will significantly improve their quality of life and economic prospects.”


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