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Otjiwarongo schools best in region

Otjiwarongo Secondary School teachers receiving an award for their school from the Governor of Otjozondjupa Region, Hon. Samuel Nuuyoma. (Photograph By Monika Shifotoka)

Otjiwarongo Secondary School teachers receiving an award for their school from the Governor of Otjozondjupa Region, Hon. Samuel Nuuyoma. (Photograph By Monika Shifotoka)

Almost all the accolades at a recent education award ceremony, went to schools in Otjiwarongo.
Ms. C Naylor from Otjiwarongo Secondary School received a gold certificate and the Directors trophy for the individual outstanding performance. Her subject, Geography is ranked  #1 in the higher level and #5 in the ordinary level nationally. In the JSC category, JG van der Wath Secondary School received a bronze certificate while silver went to Coblenz Combined School. Okamatapati Combined, Otjiwarongo Secondary, Berg-Op Private School and Edugate Academy also received gold certificates. The most improved school in the ordinary level is Paresis Secondary School while the best performing school in the ordinary level is Otjiwarongo Secondary School.

The most improved school in the higher level is JG Van Der Wath Secondary School. In 2012 this school was ranked 56th and they are currently ranked 20th in the country. Otjiwarongo Secondary School scooped two awards for best performing school in ordinary and higher level. For the category best performing primary school in Tsumkwe, Mangetti Dune Primary School received the trophy while in Grootfontein and Otjiwarongo, Wilhelm Nortier and Donatus Primary took the trophies. The Otjozondjupa Region hosted their first annual regional award ceremony last week Thursday in Otjiwarongo. The event was organized by the Directorate of Education to recognise and acknowledge the Otjozondjupa’s best performing schools and teachers. Seven floating trophies from the governor’s office were awarded to the best performing schools. These trophies will be awarded on an annual basis. In his keynote address, Otjozondjupa Governor, Hon Samuel Nuuyoma said one key aspect across all levels of education which is emphasized in NDP4 is the quality of skills in those who are engaged in the business of transferring knowledge. He said they are the teachers and the future of the country is entrusted to them to mold the characters and transform learners into responsible, hardworking and committed people. He thanked the government for making education a priority by introducing free primary education. “Vision 2030 is calling for rapid economic growth accompanied by equitable social development which will enhance the quality of life of our people. Therefore, education has to contribute to create a knowledge-based society. The future of our nation is in the learners. We need to prepare them thoroughly for the future. If we let them down, we let our country’s future down” he said. Supporting these ideals, the Office of the Governor is focusing on leadership and management at schools. Nuuyoma said he would like the schools in the region to have strong leadership and capable management to ensure quality education He committed his office to support education in the Otjozondjupa Region to improve the results of learners at all levels. “We need to be patriotic nationalists and do more for our country. Human Resource is the wealth of every country. We need to educate and train our people for them to contribute to the country’s development. Vision 2030 needs to be realized in our life time, yes we can make it. Let all of us put more effort than ever before”. In addition to the teachers and learners who attended the award ceremony, were Councillor Archillaus Namaseb, the deputry mayor of Otjiwarongo, Vetaruhe Kandorozu, a Councillor of Okakarara, and Education Director Vaustina Caley. The region retained its first position in higher level examination while it was ranked number 3 countrywide in the Grade 12 ordinary level examination.

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