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West African world trade meeting shown investment opportunities in Namibia

West African world trade meeting shown investment opportunities in Namibia

The Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board reached out to investors in West Africa when it recently participated in a trade exhibition on the flank of the 53rd General Assembly of the World Trade Centre Association in Accra.

The investment board invited Ghanese business leaders from a variety of sectors to a function at the Namibian High Commission where Namibian companies were showcased to a keen West African audience.

The Minister of Trade and Industrialisation, Hon Lucia Iipumbu opened the event, followed by a presentation by the investment board Chief Executive, Mrs Nangula Uaandja.

The 53rd General Assembly of the World Trade Centre’s Association started on Monday 24 April and ran until Friday 28 April. Hon Iipumbu addressed the meeting on the investment climate and economic opportunities in Namibia.

Mrs Uaandja participated in a panel discussion on “The journey to a unified African market. Critical Milestones, Challenges and Opportunities for the Private Sector”, while Mr. Salomo Hei, Head of High Economic Intelligence, took part in a panel discussion titled, “Financing Trade and Strategic Investments in Africa.”

Various Namibian products were exhibited, ranging from meat and processed meat to dairy, fruits, cereals, spirits, animal products, cosmetics, charcoal, curios & artefacts, apparel and leather ware.

The World Trade Centre’s Association’s General Assembly is an annual event that brings together high-level government and business delegates from across the globe. Namibia participated at the General Assembly under the sub-theme “Namibia: the land of many opportunities”, with a focus on Agriculture, Fishing, Mining, Tourism, Energy, Logistics Infrastructure and Real Estate.

The 53rd assembly was attended by more than 300 delegates from World Trade Associations around the globe.


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