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Information ministry introduces digital skills to young girls in celebration of ICT Day

Information ministry introduces digital skills to young girls in celebration of ICT Day

By Jaenique Swartz.

On 27 April, the Namibian Government joined the world in the celebration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Day under the theme, “Digital Skills for Life.”

The Ministry of Information and Technology used this celebratory day to inform the nation that they have already begun the process to integrate ICT at its regional offices and rural ICT centres to achieve a 100% digital literacy by 2030.

The event focused on empowering the girl child to pursue a career in ICT as digital literacy remains an essential component for the success of digital transformation in Namibia.

“Global statistics have shown that girls and women in particularly in the developing world are less likely to have access to digital platforms such as the internet as compared to young boys and men,” said Hon Emma Theofelus, the deputy information minister.

The exclusion of young girls in the digital sphere globally attributes to the lack of digital skills among girls in Namibia

Moreover, Theofelus said “This has widened the gender gap. It is our role as governments and stakeholders in the ICT space to empower girls with the necessary digital skills to bridge the gender digital gap”.

The ministry recently launched their Cybersecurity Strategy and Awareness Creation Plan, which prioritizes the safety of internet users in the cyberspace, especially girls through training sessions.


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