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When nature strikes, corporate social investment kicks in

When nature strikes, corporate social investment kicks in

The latest floods in the Zambezi region have added to the perils of communities living close to the rivers. Helping to alleviate the detrimental impact on the people’s lives, is a substantial contribution from the FirstRand Foundation.

The donation was presented by FNB Namibia to the Office of the Prime Minister to bolster their relief efforts when natural disasters affect local communities. The contribution amounts to N$250,000.

Executive Director in the Office of the Prime Minister, Mr I-Ben Nashandi thanked the bank for the support saying that the funds will go a long way to help minimise the impact of the floods currently experienced in the Zambezi Region.

From the left: Dr Romanus Kawana, Deputy Executive Director: Prime Minister’s Bureau, Ms Hellen Likando, Director: Directorate Disaster Risk Management, and Mr. I-Ben Nashandi, Executive Director: Office of the Prime Minister.


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