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Telecom Namibia leads regional telecomms association for one year

Telecom Namibia leads regional telecomms association for one year

By Jaenique Swartz.

Starting this week Wednesday, 26 April, Telecom will host its regional peers at the Southern African Telecommunications Association conference in Swakopmund.

Known under its acronym, SATA, the Association will be led by Telecom Namibia for the next 12 months.

“Telecom Namibia is truly honoured and excited to host this conference. It will provide a platform for discussions that will drive regional solutions to strengthen economic and social demands of citizens as well as offer improved coordination of capacity network through enhancement of regional and global communications,” said Telecom Namibia Chief Executive, Stanley Shanapinda.

The conference will mainly discuss the the challenges of modern telecommunications operators, as well as addressing the needs and aspirations of member organisations.

“We hope the discussions will accelerate the transformation of the ICT sector in the southern African region to be on par with the rest of the world and to exceed the expectations of our respective governments, corporates, and residential clients,” said Shanapinda.

The conference takes place under the theme, “Connecting SADC Regionally and Internationally through Information and Communications Technology, (ICT), Infrastructure and Services”.

The SATA conference is the largest gathering on ICT organisations in the region.


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