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eBusiness Namibia – a new platform has been launched

An online business platform called eBusiness Namibia has been launched n Windhoek last week. The website provides a platform for businesses to interact with their consumers online through online enquiries. Requesting and submitting of quotations online was launched by business mogul Sidney Martin at the Polytechnic Hotel School. During the launch, Martin said, “It is high time Namibian businesses have an online presence. For too long, our business operations have been manual. Obtaining a quotation requires one to drive from place to place; eBusiness Namibia will ensure you get services from the comfort of your home.” He added that there is no way an investor from France will come to Namibia to search for business opportunities, he will search online. This is therefore the one-stop shop for Namibian business. Josephine Shikongo and partner Elizabeth Hamupembe spoke to the Economist and said, “We started brainstorming about the options of having an online platform.

We researched what is currently available on the market and realised that most are purely listing providers without the knowledge of the company being listed, hence most listings do not have email addresses, which are crucial in an online interactive platform.” Shikongo believes that they are not in competition with other available services on the market at the moment, and he feels that they are offering something that is new and different, which includes other services not on the market. “Our main focus is that businesses register themselves on our website and that they complete all the relevant information which they want to be visible to clients, and also so that they can be aware of the value they get out of the listing. eBusiness is like taking the manual process of looking for quotations and placing it online. In addition, we also offer many other services that are not available on the market at the moment, like our business advice section, where business people are offering advice to upcoming start-ups; our ‘Invest in Namibia’ platform lists available opportunities for investments in the country,” she stated. The website is found on, where business owners can list their businesses and be able to receive quotation requests online, be exposed to international investors through their ‘Invest in Namibia’ platform. Business people looking to buy franchises now have the opportunity to find this information. There is also a business forum where business people can interact. Shikongo added that since businesses will be deriving great value from the listing, there is a minimal fee involved, which is purely subscription, like what they would pay to get listed in the Directories and Yellow pages. The functionalities are all available on the site; If one goes browsing, you will discover the magic.”

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