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Esther Beukes promotes alternative fashion

Esther Beukes is a young blogger and fashion fanatic. This young woman studied public relations at UNAM and has a passion for most things media-related. She is also in training at Radio Energy as newsreader and presenter and soon-to-be fashion editor. “The closet exchange is an event I host for my blog. It is a chance to bring my readers together. The motto of the event is that one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure. The girls bring in six items before the event date. I go through them all and set it out on the day of the closet exchange. Everything that is left over and isn’t exchanged goes to charity.” The blog is mostly about lifestyle, music and fashion aimed at empowering young women. It deals with fashion trends and how to wear it with different body shapes.

It does not dictate, but empowers women to be themselves, follow what is trending in the world of fashion, how to wear it and what goes with it. It also pays tribute to past music styles and artists. Recently it hosted a competition that featured six of Namibian street-wear clothing brands such as Black Excellence, BuruXa, turastyle, I run this, RFC and Denim Mafia. As a young woman in this fast-paced century she found her muse in fashion blogging and is using this platform to make a difference. “I saw a need to promote alternative fashion because I don’t see any thrift-shopping around” she concluded. Her blog can be found at

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