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‘Side by Side: Namafu Amutse & Candice Mouton’ exhibition now open

‘Side by Side: Namafu Amutse & Candice Mouton’ exhibition now open

An exhibition featuring local artists’ works, “Side by Side: Namafu Amutse & Candice Mouton,” is now on show at The Sweet Side of Thingz cafe and bakery in Windhoek city centre.

According to a press statement from the StArt Art Gallery, hung on the walls of the airy, spacious cafe in the heart of Windhoek, the paintings and photographs by Candice Mouton and Namafu Amutse tell their stories in a new environment.

“This unique setting offers unique opportunities, and we are delighted to invite you to an Art and Doughnut pairing on 15 April at 11 AM,” the Gallery added.

Amutse works predominantly in the digital realm, creating photographs and videos, and Mouton is a painter and illustrator.

Meanwhile, this exhibition is the first in the 2023 Side by Side series curated by StArt Art Gallery. In addition, Amutse’s photographs and Mouton’s paintings portray intimate moments relating to childhood through portraiture.

The Sweet Side of Thingz specializes in delicious doughnuts, and its team “will create a doughnut inspired by the exhibition that you can be the first to buy and enjoy at this event.” The entrance is free and open to all.

“The premise of the Side by Side exhibition series is juxtaposition. By placing just two artists’ works in proximity, we are presented with a dialogue that creates space for unique interpretations. In 2018 StArt Art Gallery curated a two-person exhibition at the Goethe Institut of Namibia showing sculptures by Ismael Shivute and Matheus Alfeus. The exhibition was titled ‘Side by Side’. Four years later, in homage to the 2018 exhibition, that title is revived for a new series of two-person shows,” the statement continued.

StArt Art Gallery works with some of Namibia’s most exciting contemporary artists to curate critical projects that add to the growing archive of information available to researchers, collectors, and art enthusiasts.

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