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Green’s Audrey motivates young girls to take up careers in STEM

Green’s Audrey motivates young girls to take up careers in STEM

Last week, Audrey Chanakira from Green Enterprise Solutions was invited to an NUST event that focused on “Women’s Role in Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)” as a guest speaker.

Her role at Green, as the Lead iOS Developer for AR & VR Mobile Apps, made her a perfect fit to share her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated tech industry and how she has overcome challenges to succeed and choose a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

The event was held at NUST’s Inceit-Informatics Labs, the audience mostly high school learners was informed of the opportunities and future career potential in STEM-related fields. Audrey stated that young girls and women can help to increase diversity in the tech industry by bringing a different perspective and skillset to the table. Young girls can help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry, and they can also help to ensure that the benefits of the 4IR are shared by all.

Green has always been a support system to Audrey, and this speaking engagement means she can hopefully inspire and motivate the next generation of young girls and women to take up careers in the tech industry. Green creates an environment that is welcoming to women and provides support for women in tech through networking opportunities.

The passionate iOS Developer gave some insightful tips to the young girls on how to create a plan to advance their careers in the tech industry: Identify your career goals; Assess your current skills and experience; develop a professional network; seek out new opportunities and create a professional development plan.

“Overall, the event was enlightening and inspirational. Pursuing a career in technology is a fulfilling and rewarding path for anyone and girls should claim their space and take up positions in the tech sector. By focusing on their passion, building a supportive network, and continually learning and growing, they can achieve great things in the field and make a meaningful impact on society,” said Audrey.

As a proudly Namibian technology company, Green Enterprise Solutions has always fostered a culture that values diversity and inclusion. The ICT company has been providing opportunities for career growth and development and stimulating a culture of respect and collaboration.


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