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Stud auctions start next week

HART 08 62 from Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras of Dr Joggie Briedenhann, which sold for N$480,000 in 2011. This is the all-time record for any domestic animal ever sold in Namibia.Agra’s stud auctions broke many records last year and the agricultural cooperative hopes to repeat its unprecedented success in 2012. In what can only be described as breeder mania, a Bonsmara bull from Dr Joggie Briedenhann’s stud sold for N$480,000.
The first stud auction of Agra, the Windhoek Summer Sale, will take place on 15 February, at the Agra Bank Windhoek Ring.
“With so much activity and growth in the stud industry and increasing trade of superior genetic material the past few years, we are faced with the challenge of supply versus demand of stud bulls in all breeds,” said Kiep Lepen, manager of Agra Stud Services.
He invited farmers to register stud bulls for the Summer Sale and to make sure they attend the auction in order to invest in good genetic material.
A total of 13 stud bulls of Brahman, Simmentaler and Simbra have been registered for this auction, and 100 commercial female animals and 10 stud cows will also be on sale.
During 2011, Agra Stud Services hosted a total of 25 stud auctions and sold 709 bulls – 27 more than in 2010. For a number of years in a row, Agra rewrote the record books. In 2011, both the record for the most expensive bull as well as the average price per bull was improved significantly.
A highlight of last year’s stud auctions was the sale of the bull, HART 08 62 from Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras of Dr Joggie Briedenhann. The bull sold for N$480,000 compared to the most expensive bull in 2010, which fetched N$450,000. The highest price for a bull was N$280,000 in 2009.
These bulls were all from the stud of Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras. Agra applauds Dr Joggie Briedenhann for selling the five most expensive bulls for three consecutive years. Besides the bull of N$480 000, Hartebeestloop Bonsmaras also sold two bulls for N$200,000, one for N$180,000, one for N$155,000 and one for N$130,000 in 2011.
At the same time the average price per bull of N$34,295 improved on the average of N$29,270 achieved in 2010 and N$28,713 in 2009.

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