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Van der Merwe brings honed skillset to Oryx portfolio

Van der Merwe brings honed skillset to Oryx portfolio

A new Portfolio Manager, Hannelie van der Merwe, has joined the Oryx Properties team to look after some of the key assets in the property investor’s portfolio, including the country’s biggest mall, the Maerua Mall shopping and office complex.

Oryx Properties, listed under the Property section of the Namibian Stock Exchange, successfully issued a bond, ORY J25, in November last year for a nominal value of N$248.5 million. The full Oryx portfolio is valued at nearly N$3 billion.

Hannelie’s formal training is in Town and Regional Planning which she complemented with degrees in Property Management and Valuation. In the meantime, she has also tackled Investment Management, a vocation she now pursues in the form of a Masters degree.

“I look forward to get to know the Oryx portfolio, retail, industrial, office and residential, in detail to support the management team with sound knowledge of assets and the skills to enhance the return to our unitholders within the listed fund.”


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