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Local author sets the standard high through self – publication

Local author sets the standard high through self – publication

A local author, Toini Sam launched her book titled “The Journey of a Conqueror” last week, at the National Library of Namibia alongside keynote speaker Maponga Joshua III of Marara Farmers of Thought.

The Journey of a Conqueror is a Namibian book whereby in her book she reveals openly her life-changing experiences that can beset anyone.

This book will not only transform many when they apply what is written but will inspire them to endure and handle challenging moments the Godly way. It is a book full of emotions and entertainment. The book is not prescriptive, however, it places a great emphasis on those who have given up and has accepted their circumstances/faith, stubborn teenagers who do not want to obey their parents, those who are left with one module to graduate at varsity, but keep failing it, those who are finding it difficult to meet their life partners and those who want to draw closer to God.

At the launch, Sam acknowledged her inspiration and drive to pen this easy-to-read book. Sam was inspired to write the book by the challenges she has faced in her life and by the number of people she counsels, encourages, and mentors to discover their hidden abilities. It was their request for her to come up with the book too.

It all started when she used to share inspirational messages on Facebook and on the WhatsApp group, ‘Ambassadors for Christ’. “I feel like I have a sense of obligation to uplift many, those who desire to see whatever progress in their lives, and it makes me feel good to hear positive feedback from those after I have engaged with them,” she said.

Furthermore, there are many international book publishing houses, but Sam chose to use local publishers because she believes that self-publishing is cheaper, and the author is in control. She also stated that with self-publishing, one also has access to other global platforms to sell one’s product. Sam decided to use local service providers because she believes in supporting locals and wants them to keep being recognized internationally.

The accreditation of this book is accepted globally, the content has met international standards. Her book was reviewed by Christian Faith publishing in the United State of America, it went through five boards for review, and it was approved. However, she decided to do self-publishing for the reasons mentioned above. And is produced in Namibia to empower various publishers too.

Keynote speaker Maponga Joshua III of Marara Farmers of Thought stated that the book The Journey of a Conqueror is a personal experience the way he looked at it.

“The author is exploring her path and the challenges she has gone through to be where she is, I encourage us all to tell our own stories with our own culture and identity which makes it easily relatable to those in your communities,” he encouraged.

He added that the book is not prescriptive, but rather suggests that all must make time to find their voices. They must forge their path and learn from their own mistakes. He went on to say, “the book is a reflection of the experience that has worked for her, however, they need to find their own, he added.”

In conclusion, the author hopes that after reading this book, readers will never be the same again, she wishes for an automatic change.

This book will transform readers; their faith will be uplifted; they will feel inspired; and they will discover the kingdom secrets revealed in The Journey of a Conqueror.

This publication may be purchased via online platforms such as and can be delivered countrywide. Readers are urged to visit the website and follow her Facebook and Instagram social media accounts on to determine which outlets they may purchase the paperback/ physical copy from.


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