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Health Ministry inaugurates clinic at Iipanda Ya Amiti

Health Ministry inaugurates clinic at Iipanda Ya Amiti

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) inaugurated a clinic this week at the Iipanda Ya Amiti village in the Omusati region, which marked an important milestone in ongoing efforts to expand the provision of health care services.

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula at the inauguration said MoHSS intends to provide integrated, affordable, and accessible quality health and social services that are responsive to the needs of the population.

“This is done through the construction of health facilities, procurement of medical equipment, procurement of clinical supplies and pharmaceuticals, and more importantly, training and recruitment of health professionals in different disciplines, such as doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, emergency care professionals, and others,” Shangula noted.

He said the construction of this clinic must be viewed as an investment in the community because of a caring government that provides resources to serve all our people.

“It should be clear that we aim to ensure that the services offered are accessible to our people as and when needed,” he added.

The cost for the entire project came in at over N$11 million.

“This clinic is standing here, ready for services to be rendered to this community because of all of our hard work as a team,” Shangula said, adding that the government funded the project through MoHSS.

“Since the attainment of independence, the government has taken a deliberate decision to ensure that Namibians in different parts of the country, especially those in rural areas are provided with the facilities and services they need because they were the most neglected demographies during the period of apartheid colonialism and oppression,” said the minister.

He also praised the Omusati region’s efforts of collecting severe and critical-ill patients from home in remote villages with ambulances and bringing them to health facilities for care. “In this manner, the provision of health care services is being provided beyond the hospitals or clinics and into our communities.”

Concerning the utilization of the health facility, he urged residents to adopt positive health-seeking behaviour and to visit health facilities whenever they feel unwell.

According to Shangula, travelling long distances can have many negative effects on patients, and thus, to address this problem, the ministry has decided to establish Intensive Care Units and Dialysis Units at selected District Hospitals around the country.


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