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Dalarize Development on the Rise

Dalah Ndahafa Hapulile, founder of the Dalarize Development Project

Dalah Ndahafa Hapulile, founder of the Dalarize Development Project

The social entrepreneur and founder of the Dalarize Development Project, Dalah Ndahafa Hapulile, is an innovative and passionate young woman whose objective it is to create projects that empower, educate, add value and make a difference in the lives of people.
“I started the Dalarize Development Project in 2008 while I was working for NamDeb, and all my business ideas are to inspire and to improve the livelihood of people. My company does media productions, costumes, mascot rentals and event management. The first project that I did was the Let Go – Let Flow Empowerment Network, which focused on empowering students from various tertiary institutions,” Hapulile said. According to her, her father’s advice to never compromise on her principles is the foundation of her business.
“When I decided to start the business, I did some research trying to identify social problems that I could help improve. I found that most young people and children in Namibia lacked inspiration and platforms to express themselves. When your objective is to make a difference, your greatest challenge is to strike a balance and to come up with innovative ideas for your business, not only to sustain itself, but to enable you to generate an income that will enable growth and expansion,” said the former Westside High School student.
“Since a bigger part of my business is dedicated to encourage young people, our brand name is ‘I am the key’; the secret is in the name. I will continue creating platforms for young people to draw inspirations from. My goal has always been to live my live in such a way that when I finally die, I will rest assured that I have done the best I could for both mankind and God. I do not encourage them to follow in my footstep as my destination might not be theirs, but I would advise them to draw inspiration from my life, dream beyond their wildest dream and then pursue those dreams.”

She said that “‘I am the key’ children media is our major project this far. It’s a brand, and our vision is to grow that children brand. ‘I am the key’ Children TV is an early childhood developmental vehicle which uses media as an educational tool for children. We produce educational television series for children, and we will soon be doing DVDs, Namibian puzzles and educational toys. I am currently working on the 3rd season. We have listened to our audience and we would like to make the show more interactive, thus we are working on a bigger venue, adding drama and acting classes for children. The show has been airing on NBC TV since 5 April 2013, every Friday at 15:00, and repeats Saturdays at 07:00.”
“We are in Namibia, a land of untapped resources and opportunities. Hence, like any other untapped resource, you need to be willing to go the extra mile first of servicing the country before building your foundation and creating your masterpiece. Our business is rooted in education. You can never overeducate a nation. What makes our business stand out from others is that it is an empowerment business. It also strategically involves children in the development of their country.” “Our biggest achievement is to be able to sustain television production for over a year. Most Namibian shows dies out in their first stages. It takes a good team, passion and dedication from both actors and actresses. I am passionate and determined to see a better Namibia. I believe it is possible, with collective efforts from all of us,” she concluded.

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