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HPS rubs competitors’ noses in German private school sports week in SA

HPS rubs competitors’ noses in German private school sports week in SA

The German Private High School (Deutsche Höhere Privatschule – DHPS) nearly whitewashed other German Schools in the German School Society in southern Africa after 6 days of sport in their regional championships.

A large group of about 300 learners and teachers competed in the championships between five schools over six days that produced memorable performances, touching moments and amazing Esprit de Corps. In the end, DHPS athletes and players brought home 4 gold medals as well as the titles for best male and female athletes.

The week-long championships was the 18th Sports Olympiad of German Schools in southern Africa, hosted by the German International School in Johannesburg. The other participating schools came from Cape Town, Hermannsburg and Pretoria.

The DHPS team, consisting of learners from grade 7-12, showed some impressive results:

On the first competition day on 12 March 2023, all DHPS swimmers achieved medals and even broke a number of records.

During the athletic competitions on day 2, the Namibian learners again showed their phenomenal talent and an extraordinary team spirit. DHPS ranked first in long and high jump (competition group III) and the runners invariably achieved a place on the podium.

In the ball games (basketball, volleyball, soccer and handball) on the 4th and 5th competition days, the DHPS players once again showed an astonishing presence on the courts and fields.

After these amazing sporty performances it was no surprise that the DHPS emerged as the winners in Swimming, Athletics as well as Boys and Girls Basketball.

The award for the best athletes of the Sports Olympiad 2023 also went to DHPS: “We are proud of Nora Schlabitz (Grade 8) who was named “Victrix ludorum“ (best female athlete) and Max Krafft (Grade 11) named “Victor ludorum” (best sportsman). Congratulations to the two of you and your entire team on your incredible success!” stated DHPS.

DHPS learner Nathan Mungunda cleared the field with his stunning performance in the 800 metre race.


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