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Hidden Christianity?

Over the years I had various conversations with my peers many times, and it seemed clear to me that Christianity was more about how you think, not what you do, and it is wasn’t a favourite topic for discussion because it made many feel uncomfortable, not to mention defensive, as if it were a disease or something of the sort.
Many times I would hear different comments like “Its only your heart that matters, nothing else does”, or “You can do whatever you want, just say sorry later,” it is sad and honestly quite frustrating for me as I stood there witnessing them believing in half truths.
I am no expert on this matter, but doesn’t belief result in acts of faith? People have a way of making excuses for everything, especially when they are the ones who are quick to judge other Christians on their actions that are “un-Christian”, but I think that is the nature of everyone. When I say Christians, I mean those who actually practise the faith and live righteously, the rest then are just people, because they know the faith but do not necessarily practise it 100%, and what is the point of knowing it if you do not practise it? There is nothing wrong with having faith in your heart and believing what the bible says, but without corresponding action I find it futile and honestly, it doesn’t count for anything. You can’t have both ways, be a Christian and still acting in sin as if nothing were wrong with that. Where is the significance of your Christianity if it is hidden? Scientists believe in science and practise it!Why can’t Christianity be the same? It’s always visible when individuals support a certain cause or idea. In politics, we wear shirts, we go to rallies, we attend speeches, we even go out of our way to speak to others and convince them to join the party we support. When it comes to music, we dance and sing to the pleasure or annoyance of others around us. Christianity has been a part of our society since its beginnings. I personally do not know why it would make anyone uncomfortable. Perhaps because the idea of it deals directly with our conscience and our deeds, those done in secret or openly. Maybe because it serves as a reminder that every single thought and action of our entire lives is being watched and recorded, as the bible clearly states. The morals that come with faith are usually what makes people pleasant to associate with – the values and principles instilled by practise. The sense of conscience is more developed and holds one accountable for deeds. All faiths around the world always teach kindness, tolerance, selflessness, truthfulness and such – these acts that are supposed to make your soul pure and acceptable before a higher power. To me it is much more than just that. It holds a place in me that is so deeply woven with how my life has been shaped today. Without it, I honestly can’t imagine where I would be right now. If my parents hadn’t introduced it to me as a child, I would have gone looking for it.  A pastor once made a statement that “If you have been truly born again, even if you go back into the world, you know deep in your heart what that experience was like and that you can only find it in one place.” I know this statement to be true from personal experience and I am proudly going to defend it always and forever to the best of my ability. The lesson I learnt is to always stand for what I believe in. If one person doesn’t like it and criticises me for it, there are eight billion people in the world. I can always find a few who think the way I do. Don’t waste your time with people who hold you back,stay around people who make you better.

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