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The Ndeulipula Hamutumwa Mentorship Development Programme

Johanna Kapapero, Geomatics graduate

Johanna Kapapero, Geomatics graduate

After having completed her diploma in Geomatics, the discipline of gathering, storing, processing and delivering geographic or spatially referenced information, at the Polytechnic, Johanna Kapapero had this to say: “In order for me to achieve my goals I had to participate in a life-development programme. The programme is quite exciting because you get to meet a lot of different people from all spheres of life. So far the experience that I have gained from the three months that I have been doing the programme is beyond monetary value.” Not satisfied with her course, she decided to take a break to figure out what to do next. She was persuaded to try out the programme by her friends, who had taken part in the development programme themselves.

“The most important thing about this programme is that it shapes you into a great leader with positive vision while also preparing you for the market place. You get to discover a lot of things about yourself and the talents that you possess. It is such a humbling experience”, she said. The Ndeulipula Hamutumwa Trust provides the opportunity to young talented individuals from less privileged environments to develop their sport and leadership skills, while ensuring that their educational needs are met. The Ndeulipula Hamutumwa Mentorship Development Programme is one of the branches catering for the youth. The company aims at producing prominent future leaders to play a role in the socio-economic development of the country and at empowering and training the youth in areas of leadership, sports, projects managing, administration and business.
“I approached Mr Hamutumwa, the founder of the Ndeulipula Hamutumwa Trust, and told him I was interested in the mentorship programme,” she said. Applicants are required to have been exposed to university or any tertiary education, have good writing skills, have a passion for leadership and, most importantly, must have a vision for their life. The programme runs over a period of eleven months, from January to November, and it consists of four spheres: administrative training, personal growth and networking, an exchange program, and a personal project. “I believe mentorship is such a crucial thing for the youth, most especially for those that are potential future leaders of our country. A mentoring relationship helps and supports people to maximise their professional potential, develop their skills, improve their performance, and become the best person they want to be. If you are in a position to share the skills you have learned, give something back by becoming a mentor yourself,” Kapapero concluded. Other activities of the trust include the Student Leadership Symposium in partnership with NANSO, the Zumbathon, sponsorships of sports equipment, and scholarships to primary and secondary school learners. The trust recently gave scholarships to four learners in Okahandja, two learners from Five Rand Primary School and two learners from Okahandja Secondary School.

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