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Home Affairs launches web-based applications for passports and temporary employment permit

Home Affairs launches web-based applications for passports and temporary employment permit

The Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security, Dr. Albert Kawana on Wednesday introduced online applications for short-term employment permits and passports.

The Work Visa (or Short-Term Employment Permit) which is valid for a maximum period of 6 months is normally issued to non-Namibians (foreigners) who seek approval to work temporarily in Namibia for donor-funded projects, Multi-National companies, as well as Namibian companies under certain conditions.

In addition to short-term employment permits, the ministry also launched online passport applications. The link to the services is

“In so doing, we are embracing technology as a catalyst and enabler to achieve Global Best Practices as well as the Namibian government Reform Initiative by embracing e-Governance,” he said.

According to Kawana, with the Work-Visa application, applicants will have the advantage of completing all relevant forms online and uploading all the required documents by the press of a button.

All completed and submitted forms and documents will be received, considered, and responded to online; payments will also be done online via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in short.

As for the passport application; applicants will have the advantage of only completing the application
form, while all other required documents, such as IDs and Birth Certificates, will automatically be imported through system integration.

“Furthermore, applicants will also have the advantage of choosing their booking time slot for self-representation for the collection of biometrics data such as the facial image and fingerprints,” he said.

Meanwhile, applicants will be able to follow progress through various processing steps via SMS notifications. Payments can also be done in cash or via EFT, although EFT is the most preferred method of payment to avoid tempering with cash.

“We remain confident that the greater public will derive immense benefits by utilizing the online web-based application from the comfort of their homes, whether in Namibia or abroad, through desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices,” he concluded.

Kawana believes that introducing these measures, will reduce the wasteful cost to clients thereby achieving more with less.

“Thus, having devised and deployed online technology, we will add more services online in addition to
work visa and passport applications. With the escalating and exorbitant costs of IT-Service providers, we have harnessed and capitalized on our internal capabilities from our IT units to realise this vision. We have internally developed, tested, and rolled-out web-based software for online work visa and passport applications. Therefore, I am extremely pleased to note that through engagements, wide-range consultations, and technical contributions, the web-based application was developed, tested, and is now fully operational and finally rolled out and available for public use,” he added.

Kawana also highlighted that in Direct Service Delivery; applicants will, henceforth, directly liaise with the Ministry, instead of operating through an “Agent” or office officials who in the manual processes remain prone to making mistakes.


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