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Historic moment for Namsov

The 4400 tonnes MFV Sunfish high and dry after all water has been pumped from the new dry dock. This Namsov vessel became the first midwater trawler to be serviced in Namdock II.A mid-water trawler of over 4000 tonnes was lifted clear of the water in NamPort’s new dry dock, a  first for Namibia and its fishing industry on Monday, this week. In what has been described as a historic day in the existence of Namsov Fishing Enterprises and Namdock, the MFV Sunfish rose from the water after six hours of pumping to the dry dock.
This specific dry-dock operation was not possible previously, because of inadequate lifting for a vessel of this size. With the introduction of Namdock II this service is now available in Walvis Bay.
Namsov became Namdock’s very first customer to use the improved dry-dock facility, this week. The MFV Sunfish is a horse mackerel trawler. It was built in 1992 and has an overall length of 104.5 metres, a gross tonnage of 4407 with a total crew of 94.
“Namsov is eager to support local business and ventures of this nature whenever available and suitable. The docking process was a lengthy operation that took about six hours to complete and have the vessel safely on her blocks,” the company said in a statement.
Namdock is a joint venture between the ship repair company, Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia and the Namibian Ports Authority, (NamPort).
Namdock comprises a concrete pontoon flanked by two steel walls and has the capacity to lift vessels of up to 160 metres long and 23,5 metres wide, with a weight of up to 8500 tonnes.
“EBH Namibia believes they can build on their successes and experiences of the past and are ideally positioned to deliver a valuable final product to Namsov on the Sunfish repair project. The project as a whole would facilitate technical and organisational skills transfer from within the two Namibian organisations to the benefit of the Namibian people and EBH is looking forward to a continuous mutual beneficial long term relationship with Namsov,” Namsov said.

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