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Local boxing stable receives sponsorship jab from PstBet

Local boxing stable receives sponsorship jab from PstBet

Premier Sports Trading (PstBet) this week announced a N$ 2.7 million 3-year sponsorship agreement with local boxing stable, MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing & Fitness Academy. With the new development, PstBet became a co-sponsor of the boxing stable alongside MTC.

At the sponsorship announcement PstBet Chief Executive, Steve Hamunyela reiterated the company’s commitment to assist in developing sport in the country as well as to grow the PstBet brand locally and internationally.

Hamunyela further stressed the importance of partnering with big brands like MTC and the Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing Academy.

“Sponsorship is a major part of the PstBet strategy and has been vital for helping to develop our brand locally. We are not interested in simply putting our logo on shirts or billboards, we are in it for the love of the game. We are proud to see our name on this organized boxing academy in Namibia and this partnership is giving us huge exposure worldwide and at the same time it is empowering the youth that are very talented and interested in boxing,” said Hamunyela.

MTC Nestor Sunshine Tobias Boxing & Fitness Academy founder and promoter, Nestor Tobias in his acceptance speech expressed his gratitude to PstBet for the sponsorship. Tobias also expressed his appreciation for MTC for allowing PstBet to co-partner with them to sponsor the academy.

“We accept this sponsorship from PstBet with all our hearts, the boxers, managers and the boxing community in Namibia at large. For PstBet be sure your money will be well invested and you will get value for your investment for now we take boxing to another level. If we talk about MTC it is a very unselfish company and very successful which is why it allows other corporates to join hands and develop sport in the country. From now you will see PstBet at the biggest stages on all the boxer’s stable trunks in the US and the UK as well as locally, we will make sure PstBet will be acknowledged and will be part of the development of boxing from now on,” Tobias concluded.


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