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A future for Web Developers

Mover and Shaker Tangi Amalenge on the rise

Mover and Shaker Tangi Amalenge on the rise

Here is a young intellectual, dedicated technology fanatic who recently created his own blog website from scratch: Tangi Amalenge! He is determined to make a difference and to take his mates along on a journey to make our nation a software-developing powerhouse.
“I wanted my blog to stand out, so instead of making use of WordPress or Blogger, I created my own blog, right from the basics. It was a challenging task, but I pulled it off. My main objective was to create a platform whereby I could put my thoughts and opinion out there. I saw a need to express myself and give people an opportunity to comment on my views. Secondly, I wanted to share skills and knowledge that has been passed on to me. After all, sharing is caring,” stated Amalenge.

“I saw a need to create a blog that is mobile friendly, so that people could read it with ease on PCs, tablets and smart-phones. My target audience is the youth in general, entrepreneurs and basically anyone who is interested in technology.” “I am currently working on an online-invoicing solution for small businesses to create and keep track of their quotes and invoices. The last project I worked on was for a company called Profile Investments. Web development is a very dynamic discipline, technology is forever changing, so it keeps me on my toes. I learn so much every day. It is that excitement of evolution that keeps me going. It’s definitely not boring.” The young man, who offers Web Application Development, Database Development, Web Design, and Web Hosting, to mention a few, wants to shift from web design to business application development in the future, stating that he would like to be a renowned developer in the community. He also has a passion for teaching. He said “I would like to share all that I know, perhaps I may open up a web development college if all goes well. I would like urge the youth to always choose what’s best for them in life. Especially when it comes to choosing your career, choose what you are passionate about, with the guidance of your family. Don’t be pressured into a field you have no interest in or passion for. At the end of the day, you will be forced into a career you might probably regret.” After completing high school at Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS), he obtained a National Diploma in Information Technology, followed by a Bachelors Degree in Business Computing at the Polytechnic of Namibia. “I took an interest in web development in 2008, during my 1st year at Poly. We were only taught fundamentals of web design, so I decided to go the extra mile in order to enhance my skills. I became so passionate that I would spend my spare-time reading books in the library and reading tutorials online during sleepless nights. With time I mastered web development and ventured into business as a Freelance Web Developer, and I haven’t looked back ever since,” he said.
“It really breaks my heart to know that we still import software developers to come solve problems that we locals can solve. I have a dream that one day, Namibia will become a software-developing powerhouse instead of merely being a software consumer,” he concluded. His blog can be found at

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