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15th Chinese medical team welcomed by health minister

15th Chinese medical team welcomed by health minister

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Kalumbi Shangula welcomed the four new members of the 15th Chinese medical team to Namibia at a reception in Windhoek on Thursday.

Shangula on the occasion of the renewal ceremony of the Chinese medical team said over the past one and a half years, the 14th group worked hard and made remarkable achievements, particularly, when Namibia was faced with the challenges of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The presence of these teams in our health facilities has enriched the services delivered to our patients. We appreciate and value the services of the Chinese medical teams and the contributions they have made to the health sector,” he said.

Shangula said over the past 27 years, the generosity of China has been demonstrated through the work of the medical teams that have given the gift of good health to thousands of Namibians at no cost.

“We believe that the delivery of public health care services is enhanced through strong partnerships. The partnership and cooperation between our two countries in the health sector are in line with this belief and ethos,” he added.

Outgoing 14th Chinese medical team leader, doctor Zhou Haijiang meanwhile thanked the Namibian hosts for the support and trust instilled over their tenure.

“It is because of all of you that we do not feel lonely living and working in a foreign country,” he said.

Speaking at the reception, Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Zhao Weiping, said “I’m very happy to note that the presence of the Chinese medical team has become a special part of the China Namibia friendship.”

To highlight cooperation, Zhao further announced that Namibia and China are exploring and developing new cooperative models.

“Currently the Walvis Bay Hospital and Zhejiang Provincial Hospital are establishing a partnership of “Paired Hospitals”,” he said, adding that China will also provide more scholarships and training programmes for Namibian health personnel.


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