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MC’s announced for Namibian Annual Music Awards

After a vigorous audition process in search for the men and women who will host the 2014 Namibian Annual Music Awards, which started in December 2013, the results are finally out. According to Tim Ekandjo, Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA) Executive Chair, over 70 people auditioned. “I am therefore happy that the organising committee invested time to select the very best from the crop that participated and showed interest in hosting Namibia’s biggest musical celebration” he said. The NAMA will now be celebrated over two nights, with the NAMA Industry Awards taking place on 02 May 2014, and the main event on the following day. “We are therefore pleased to announce that Ms Pombili Shilongo and Mr Tshoopara Chops Tshoopra will be our MC’s for the NAMA Industry Awards. Pombili is the current presenter of the popular musical Watagwan show on NBC TV with a diploma in television production, script writing and directing. Currently he is the Social Media Manager and Production Assistant at NBC, while Tshoopara is Managing Director of Liquid Events Namibia, with extensive experience in the entertainment industry”, said Tim Ekandjo. “For the main awards ceremony taking place on 03 May 2014, we are pleased to announce that Mr Ashwyn Mberi and Ms Josy Nghipandua will be our hosts for the night. Ashwyn is currently a drama student at UNAM, doing poetry and acting as well as a TV presenter for the NBC Business Show, while Josy is a radio presenter and producer at Energy 100FM, with a law degree from the University of Namibia, pursuing a degree in media studies. We wish both sets of MC’s for the 2014 NAMA’s all the best and we know they will do us proud”, said Ekandjo. Ekandjo also stated that the NAMA Industry Awards taking place on 2 May will see a total of 16 exciting categories being awarded, namely: (1) Best Afrikaans, (2) Best Rock, (3) Best Acapella, (4) Best Gospel, (5) Best Single Album, (6) Best Instrumental/Jazz, (7) Most Disciplined Artist, (8) Best Traditional, (9) Best Producer, (10) Most Socially Responsible Artist, (11) Lifetime Achievement Award, (12) Best Reggae, (13) Radio Song of the Year, (14) Best Non Album Single, (15) Best Collaboration, (16) Entertainment Journalist of the Year and (17) Entertainment Radio DJ of the Year. The main NAMA awards will take care of the rest of the categories, namely: (1) Best Damara Punch, (2) Best Oviritje, (3) Best Shambo, (4) Best Soukous/Kwasa, (5) Best Afro Pop, (6) Best Kwaito, (7) Best R&B, (8) Best Rap/Hip Hop, (9) Best House, (10) Best Kizomba, (11) Best Live Performance, (12) Best Group/Duo, (13) Best Newcomer, (14) Most Popular Artist, (15) Best Music Video, (16) Song of the Year, (17) Album of the Year, (18) Special NAMA Award, (19) Best Female Artist and (20) Best Male Artist of the Year. “For the very first time we will honour one Namibian artist with the Special NAMA Award for her/his contributions over the years in the music industry, and an artist who has achieved greatness and contributed immensely musically to the Namibian music industry” said Ekandjo.

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