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Revived hospitality industry demands upskilling of managers

Revived hospitality industry demands upskilling of managers

O&L Leisure, the accommodation subsidiary in the Ohlthaver & List stable, has begun a process of upskilling identified leaders in their organisation with the view to bring these individuals to upper managerial level.

Under the General Manager Development Programme (GMDP), leaders with potential join the O&L Leisure Academy, a new venture where employees are trained in a variety of skills in the hospitality industry

The first candidates who will start the 18-month training programme later this year, are Hilde Povanhu (Restaurant Manager: Farmhouse Deli); Sterlia Le Roux (Ass. General Manager: Midgard); Given Mukwenda (Restaurant Manager: Ocean Cellar); Stanley Mathews (Executive Housekeeper: Midgard), and Danie Herbst (Ass. General Manager: Mokuti Etosha).

O&L Leisure Training and Development Manager, Marrell Rencs, said: “The demand for such a programme became apparent from the ongoing challenges when sourcing new talent for key roles within our hospitality industry. I am excited about this programme which will specifically focus on upskilling our leadership talent.”

The O&L Leisure HC team developed the diverse modules, case studies and content that will form part of the learning material. The programme is in line with the South African qualification unit standards and framework and anticipates gaining Namibian accreditation by March 2023 with 120 credits, equivalent to a Diploma.

The five managerial candidates who will pioneer O&L Leisure’s in-house training programme, are, in the back row from the left, Stanley Matthews (Executive Housekeeper Midgard); Hilde Povanhu (Restaurant Manager: Farmhouse Deli) and Danie Herbst (Ass. Gen. Manager – Mokuti Etosha). In the front are Given Mukendwa (Restaurant Manager: Ocean Cellar) and Sterlia Le-Roux (Assistent General Manager at Midgard).


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