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Namibian First Lady hails US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

Namibian First Lady hails US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

By Adolf Kaure.

Namibian First Lady, Monica Geingos, said that the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is the most successful initiative to emanate from the United States of America.

She made these remarks when she spoke at a luncheon which took place at State House on Thursday in the presence of US First Lady, Dr Jill Biden, who is on an official visit.

According to Geingos, the initiative is the most impactful global public health programme Namibia has benefitted from.

“PEPFAR saved millions of lives and reminded us of what is possible when policy is based on genuine partnership and ambitious ideals,” said Geingos.

According to the US Embassy in Namibia, PEPFAR and the Namibian government are in partnership to meet joint priorities, to build capacity and systems needed to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of the national HIV/AIDS programme.

Having contributed over US$1.1 billion (N$18.27 billion) for HIV/AIDS activities in Namibia since its inception in 2003, the programme works in close collaboration with the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services to plan, implement, and monitor co-investments to achieve epidemic control and foster a sustainable response.

Geingos also stated that “democratic ideals make it possible for a commitment to improving the lives of our respective people and a dedication to embracing win-win partnerships, especially with partnerships like PEPFAR.”

“PEPFAR mobilised bipartisan support within the United States and used the same methodology to ensure solid partnerships in the countries they operate in,” she said.

According to a recent statement issued by the US Embassy in Namibia, Dr Biden’s engagements during her stay in Namibia focused on the empowerment of women and youth, addressing food insecurity, and promoting shared democratic values.


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