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Capacity teaches community leaders to embrace soft skills for positive outcomes

Capacity teaches community leaders to embrace soft skills for positive outcomes

The Capricorn Foundation sponsored N$24,000 for Capacity Grow to conduct a two-day Community Leaders training programme on 16 and 17 February in Windhoek. Capricorn’s support ensured that twenty leaders could attend the programme.

A large part of the skills training focus on the cognitive interaction between individuals. This helps the leaders to act as catalyst for cohesion amongst the members of a community. They are taught techniques to convince community members to work for positive outcomes in whatever endeavour they tackle at community level.

Capricorn Foundation Coordinator, Veripura Muukua said one of their focus areas is health and therefore they were pleased to partner with Capacity Crow and support emotional and mental health. “We believe that this assistance will significantly impact the leaders and the communities to build healthy communities and bring about positive change.”

Capacity Grow identified the community leaders with the support of the City of Windhoek, who offer community care services and have a track record with the participants. They were selected based on their impact at community level through initiatives such as homeless shelters, and social and youth development centres.

Capacity Grow is a group of consulting psychologists based in Windhoek who offer talent management solutions with a primary focus on soft skills. Their purpose is to nurture the emotional intelligence of the leaders and thus help improve their communication, assertiveness and conflict management skills.

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