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Ladies, get your money right and make a difference – Afra Schimming-Chase

Ladies, get your money right and make a difference – Afra Schimming-Chase

“No matter how much you make, make sure you put a little away for rainy days, this is a must!” according to Afra Schimming-Chase at the first Economist Businesswoman networking breakfast, held on 17 February at Droombos.

Financial Advisor, consultant, and speaker Schimming-Chase was the guest speaker at the breakfast and encouraged the ladies to try and make a difference in their communities.

She emphasised that giving people handouts will not change their lives, but trying to teach them how to make their lives better, is a much better route to helping the people around you.

“In the next 30 years as a collective, women will control the market and have more say in how money flows and who gets access to the money, which is already happening to a certain degree,” she added.

She said women can make a dollar go a long way and build wealth intentionally, for a reason.

“Therefore go out there in your communities to make a tangible difference, take a personal decision to change your environment. Let us not wait for the government to give us economic freedom, they fought for our physical independence, maybe it is time we fight for our economic freedom and not depend on them,” she advised.

She did not mince her words when she said, “we should break generational curses or misconceptions we have with money, and teach and prepare our children how to work and deal with money, to have good money matters.”

“We are very diverse as women because we see the whole picture and because we get to choose how the world works for the next 30 years, let us make the change that we want to see in the world and not wait for others,” she reiterated.

The message was clear that Schimming-Chase wanted to prepare the ladies at the breakfast, to take personal responsibility for their economic freedom and the economical freedom of everyone around them, so that real change will happen in the world.

Host and organiser of the breakfast, Desere Lundon-Muller reiterated Schimming-Chase’s words and said women control almost everything in the household.

“Women control what food her family eats and what activities they do, therefore we can make a difference around us, for the better” she emphasised.

The sponsor of the breakfast, Stanlib gifted a lucky lady with a self-care gift hamper worth N$1,000 at the breakfast.

Organiser of the Economist Businesswoman Breakfast Desere Lundon-Muller and guest speaker at the Breakfast Afra Schimming-Chase with representatives of Stanlib at the first breakfast for the year.


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