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City moves fast to fix potholes

The heavy rains have seen the occurance of many potholes in streets of the capital over the past two weeks. The wet weather may have made haste and left the capital but officials in the city are eager to get on the ground to fix the many potholes brought on by the rain.
Lydia Amutenya, Public Relations Officer at the City of Windhoek said in response to an Economist enquiry ,“The maintenance operation is ongoing, priority is given to the pothole situation.  The heavy rains obviously restrict the operations but work will continue after the rains until most of the potholes are fixed.”

“The N$80 million [in the budget] includes all maintenance on roads and storm water, also annual preventative maintenance resulting from the pavement management system. The current, operational budget is sufficient for dealing with the existing pothole situation,” said Amutenya.
“All potholes will be fixed without delay, since it will further deteriorate very fast. Obviously, the extent and sometimes limited resources prevents fixing all of them at once. Collectors roads and major roads are first priority,” she said. Motorists in the city can look forward to stable conditions and clear skies that will bring about a break in the rainy weather experienced so far, according to Odillo Kgobetsi, Chief Meteorological Technician:Operations at the Namibia Meteorological Service.

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