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Dream big or go home!

Young and dynamic driving force behind Amushe Inc., Michael Amushelelo has just been nominated as a potential Windhoek Lager Ambassador in the Business category. (Photograph by Comfort Ajibola)

Young and dynamic driving force behind Amushe Inc., Michael Amushelelo has just been nominated as a potential Windhoek Lager Ambassador in the Business category. (Photograph by Comfort Ajibola)

Amushe Inc is a fast rising business group started by a young man who says he has never been afraid to work hard to achieve his dreams, Michael Amushelelo.
Jokingly he refers to “Thinking inside the box” saying he believes that if you can not find a solution to the problem inside the box, then there never was a problem in the box to begin with.
“It all started in 2012 while working as an apprentice brewer at Namibia Breweries Limited. I noticed that people around me were unemployed. I had this idea of starting up a company that will offer various products and services to the public while creating employment for my fellow brothers and sisters. On 16 March 2012 I registered my company trading under the name Amushe Incorporated with the motto ‘Dream Big or Go Home’. I then started assembling a team of the best young professionals who were graduates or undergraduates studying various fields e.g. some studied engineering hence the subsidiary company called Amushe Construction, others studied marketing under which we established Amushe Advertising & Design and so forth” he said.

“We then formulated business plans and held several meetings to map out the future. The business soon started taking up most of my time and I resigned from the Breweries that same year. I was the only one funding the business and I had resigned from my only source of income. Business was not progressing and my team started to decline in number.” “However what we had done right from the onset was to market the business like no one has ever done in our nation. Being a young and dynamic company we had gone viral on social media networks and in no time Amushe became a name synonymous to Facebook. For over a period of six months no cashflow came into the business but I remained focused on making my dream a reality in assisting the nation to curb unemployment” he explained. “Well I was not always an entrepreneur, but when you have a dream, you are inspired to make it a reality. The challenges were a lot, but I am here today because I decided to see my challenges as opportunities. Life is all about how we see and interpret things. The bigger the challenge the more the reward. Sometimes you have to risk it all to gain it all. To be honest when I ventured into business, most people told me that I would never make it. As I always say when people doubt your dreams, make them believe in you with your actions. Self-believe is paramount to any success and I surely believe in myself. Today thanks to hard work, I have been nominated in the Windhoek Lager Ambassador  Business Category. Believe in the power of your dreams and all will be possible.”
His aim, he states, is “to create over 1000 jobs in the next five to six years, expand the Amushe brand to all parts of the country and become a multi-national corporation with interests in various parts of the world. I will start a mentorship programme to mentor emerging entrepreneurs to [be able to] manage a successful business, also a foundation that will focus on education and in particular innovation. It is not easy being a role model to so many young people, but what Namibia needs more than ever is young people that they can look up to. What this nation needs is a spark of inspiration to get each and every Namibian working hard, for us to achieve our personal goals and that of our beloved country”
“I am involved in quite a number of projects, most of them to help empower emerging entrepreneurs.  My message is quite simple, Nelson Mandela is known as a man of great character and morals, nothing more. So improve your character and you will be known and respected for that, not riches” he said.
Today Amushe Incorporated has the following subsidiaries: Amushe Advertising & Design; Amushe Construction; Amushe Computer Solutions; Amushe Heavy Duty Vehicles; Amushe Investment Consultancy, Amushe Laboratory Solutions and Amushe Modelling Agency.

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