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NEF shoots down MANWU demands

Members of the Metal and Allied Namibia Worker’s Union recently participated in a march demanding, amongst others, a pay rise, medical aid provision and pension funds for its members. Secretary General of the Namibia Employers’ Federation (NEF) Tim Parkhouse spoke on the matter, calling the labour union’s demands unrealistic.
Said Parkhouse, “These demands are unrealistic. MANWU have an agreement with the Construction Industries Federation and they should accept that that is what was agreed and has been gazetted. They are not realistic to come along now with additional demands. The current agreement allows for a further increase of plus minus 9.5% from 1 June 2014 and the agreement is then valid until such time as the two parties sit down and agree on new conditions. That is what MANWU should do after 1 June 2014.

” Added Parkhouse, “One major issue is enforcement of the minimum wage. I have personally seen wage sheets from a foreign construction company where only two of the salaries were above the minimum wage, and these two were allegedly managers who anyway should have been on a higher level.” “We would like to see an arrangement that state tenders are only awarded to companies, including sub-contractors, that comply with all Namibian laws, such as Social Security registration for all employees, protective clothing, and compliance with the minimum wage,” he said. The NEF is the largest and oldest employers’ organisation in Namibia. As such it is recognized by the government as the most representative employers’ organisation in accordance with International Labour Organisation regulations. Membership is open to any employer, large or small, the only criteria being compliance with Namibian labour laws and other legislation.

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