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Environment key to sustainability

O&L Group Environmental Manager, Stefanus Gariseb.

O&L Group Environmental Manager, Stefanus Gariseb.

“Social and environmental (sustainability) reporting has evolved gradually since the 1970s, with an accelerated growth in reporting since the turn of the century. Corporate governance no longer concentrates on transparent reporting but companies’ contribution towards the environment and the societies in which they operate have become as important as finances, and the avoidance of fraud and corruption,” said O&L Group Environmental Manager, Stefanus Gariseb.
Namibia has a multitude of environmental policies and O&L knows that the understanding of all processes and activities at the various operating companies are key to ensure that all environmental legislations are adhered to. “Once aspects have been identified, understanding their significance is equally important.

Which are the ones we should pay attention to? What does the legislation say about such aspects? Do we need permits, do we need to apply for exemptions?” stated Gariseb. Gariseb said subsidiaries in the O&L Group have achieved some significant environmental milestones. “For example, the successful recovery of all CO2 from the alcohol fermentation process.   This is sold-off to local industry for use in beverages.  Recently the solar roof top plant at NBL was inaugurated – a first in Africa.  NBL also recycles 80% of their inorganic waste, while at Hangana and NBL strict water control measures are in place.

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