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NBLStorefront brings digital convenience to Breweries customers

NBLStorefront brings digital convenience to Breweries customers

By Freeman ya Ngulu

Take your Digital Transformation into ‘Tura like Namibia Breweries Limited. The Namibian beer manufacturer is registering all its customers to have access to NBLStorefront, the online shopping platform operated by Namibia Breweries Ltd (NBL).

“NBL Customers now have the ability to do a full product search, add items to their cart, and submit orders at their fingertips. This means that Customers no longer have to wait in queues to place orders or track fulfilment. What’s more, Customers can now check the health of their financial accounts with NBL in real time,” the Breweries said in a statement announcing the implementation of NBLStorefront.

The option to conduct a thorough product search, add goods to a shopping cart, and place purchases is now available to NBL customers on desktop or mobile app.

Accordingly, customers no longer need to wait in line to place purchases or monitor delivery.

Additionally, customers can now use NBL to verify the status of their financial accounts in real-time.

The NBL team met with NBLStorefront customer Nicky Skrywer who said “There are many advantages to joining the NBLStorefront. You are part of it, you will feel it.” Nicky is the owner and manager of Sada-Tia Shebeen in Katutura.

View the video on how you too can join this digital transformation.


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