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Oshikunde learners ready for Advanced Subsidiary level with new desks and chairs

Oshikunde learners ready for Advanced Subsidiary level with new desks and chairs

The challenging conditions under which the learners of Oshikunde Combined School in the Ohangewena Region had to study was relieved to a large degree by a contribution of 100 desks and 150 chairs from the Namibian Ports Authority through its Social Investment Fund.

The value of the donation exceeds N$86,000.

A the handover ceremony, a trustee of the fund, Elias Mwenyo said “Every Namibian child deserves much-needed basic shelter and comfort to pursue Quality Education, which forms an integral part of our Fund’s focus areas to support the government in creating a conducive school environment for pupils to succeed in their education. Unfortunately, the pace of change in Education is not as fast or as noticeable as it should be. Therefore, as much as the government has bigger budgets and a longer reach than individual corporates, alone, the government is not winning the battle. Consequently, we as corporates should contribute to and facilitate broader social development.”

Oshikunde has 855 learners from pre-Primary to Grade 11. Beginning this year, it has added the Advanced Subsidiary level to its school curriculum.

Namport’s Manager of Corporate Communications, Taná Pesat, said to date the fund has spent close to N$30 million on the UN Sustainable Development Goal no. 4, Quality Education, as it continues to play an active role to support education across the country.


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