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Drought relief in an always-dry Hardap

The Hardap Regional Council this week started with food distribution to voters in the Hardap Region, which is arid by nature. The drought relief efforts, which are aimed at alleviating last year’s drought started on Wednesday when a total of 1100 bags of maize meal and 600 cans of beef were distributed to voters in the Mariental Rural Consituency. This includes towns in the Mariental district. There are 369 households in Stampriet, each receiving two bags of 12.5 kg maize meal and one can of beef. “The items are limited hence we are limited to one can of beef per household. The leftovers are handed to the most vulnerable groups such as orphans and the elderly,” said Johannes Fransman of the Mariental Rural Constituency office. Fransman is responsible for distributing the relief food. In the picture are Adam Basson from Stampriet receiving his relief from Sara Dewee and Johannes Fransman of the Mariental Rural Constituency office. (Photograph by Hilmah Hashange)

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