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Dr Shapumba free medical campaign 2023 up and running

Dr Shapumba free medical campaign 2023 up and running

By Adolf Kaure.

The founder of the Dune 7 Medical Centre, Dr Elias Shapumba, has recently pioneered a free medical campaign to save lives and contribute to the wellness of the Walvis Bay community and ultimately that of the entire nation.

Recently launched as “Dr Shapumba Free Medical Campaign 2023”, its intention is to improve health in local communities by hosting regular clinics free of charge for the patients.

These services include access to health care information, free testing and free medical treatment among community members with an initial target of reaching 50,000 people in need of medical care.

Dr Shapumba was motivated by his humble upbringing at a northern village to initiate the campaign.

“With little information about health and medication-related matters, I was driven to do medicine after I witnessed the sickness of my uncle when I was just eight years old, as nothing was done to help him due to lack of medical services in the community.”

“Coming up with this campaign is part of my social responsibility to give back to the community, to create health awareness among community members and to reach out to as many community members as possible,” he said.

The campaign is run under the theme: ‘a thousand ways to a healthy life’.

In collaboration with various companies in the private sector, government institutions, individuals and business people, Dune 7 Medical Centre plans to secure N$850,000 to run it effectively for the next eleven months.

The first leg of the campaign took place from 9 to 14 January at Dunes Mall, Walvis Bay, attracting 587 Walvis Bay residents.

More than 300 tests were conducted for HIV with further tests for haemoglobin, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and pregnancy.

In addition to free treatment provided directly in the medical centre, another 41 cases were referred to specialists and 144 patient files opened.

“All the patients who were diagnosed with different diseases were given free medical advice, free counselling, free treatment and free medicine. Those that were not treated were referred to specialists,” said Dr Shapumba.

The second leg of the campaign will be conducted in the second week of February.

This campaign will target all Walvis Bay old age homes with a sponsorship by Westmed.

In March, the team plans to visit selected orphanages, daycare centres and schools in Walvis Bay to create health awareness.

Depending on funding, the centre’s medical team will also visit towns where the state health facilities are in ruins.

The regional campaigns will start from April in Uis, Henties Bay, Usakos, Otavi, Opuwo and Outapi.

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