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Cancer Association warns of crooks claiming to have cancer begging for money

Cancer Association warns of crooks claiming to have cancer begging for money

The Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) has warned the public about individuals who are not diagnosed with cancer engaging the community with claims of ‘life or death’ cancer stories to scam good samaritans for their money.

The association’s Chief Executive, Rolf Hansen, said that they wholeheartedly support transparent and verified fundraising campaigns of patients who are truly in need and will provide support to vulnerable cancer patients in need, however, fraudulent behaviour to scam the community in the name of cancer or in the name of CAN is condemned.

“We urgently remind the public, corporate community, and medical fraternity that CAN will only direct a request for support or sponsorship through the Office of the Chief Executive by official request and on officially stamped and signed stationery,” he said.

Hansen further said any Namibian diagnosed with cancer and who is truly in financial need, is encouraged to apply through the correct channels and follow the correct procedures, with the Patient Financial Assistant Programme of CAN, because a board-approved financial support programme based on strict criteria, is available to cancer patients during the treatment period.

“We do not pay for private medical care at the request of state patients, because the Ministry of Health and Social Services offers a robust oncology treatment programme within their financial limits, also engaging private stakeholders to assist where necessary,” he emphasised.

He highlighted that no private patients have the mandate or legal right to request in a private capacity, funding or donations for themselves in the name of CAN or persona attached to the organisation, because such activities are fraudulent and he advised the public to report such conduct to the nearest NAMPOL investigations unit.

“We depend heavily on the support of the public and corporate Namibia to execute our mandate and we have a track record of 55 years in quality service and transparent operations and fraudulent activities in the name of CAN or cancer, a disease that hurts those afflicted by it so harshly, should be condemned by all,” concluded Hansen.

For Patient Support, Navigators contact [email protected] or 061 237740, or for confirmation of valid fundraising efforts in the name of CAN go to [email protected].


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