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Meat Board performs administration of stock brands on a cost-recovery basis

Meat Board performs administration of stock brands on a cost-recovery basis

The Meat Board of Namibia on Friday announced at its latest meeting that it will perform the administration of stock brands on behalf of the Registrar Stockbrand, which is also the Directorate of Veterinary Services, on a cost-recovery basis.

The new fees are implemented, and they have been adjusted annually from 1 January with the official inflation rate.

According to the Meat Board, the registration of a stock brand is now priced at N$163.00 after seeing a price hike of N$11.00 from N$152.00 last year.

Furthermore, the transfer of a stock brand increased to N$59.00 from N$55.00, and the issuing of a duplicate certificate of a stock brand was adjusted to N$103.00 from N$96.00 with amounts effective immediately.

In addition to the fee adjustments, the Meat Board has further reminded producers that the animal health declaration of the Directorate of Veterinary Services must be completed twice a year and submitted to the relevant state veterinary offices.

In another related development, the Meat Board indicated that despite a decrease in beef marketing numbers during the year 2022, compared to the year 2021, Namibian beef exporters were still able to make full use of Namibia’s 50% share of the available Southern African Customs Union Norwegian 2022 Beef Quota of 3200 tonnes.

The Meat Board said in a statement that seeing the quota is jointly allocated by Norway to Namibia and Botswana and that Botswana could not fully utilize their 50% share of the 3200 tonnes, adding that Namibia was also able to supplement part of that deficit with approximately 255 tonnes additional. They said the Norwegian market remains an extremely lucrative market for Namibia.

“We want to inform producers about the introduction of an appointment system to facilitate the transfer of stock brands. The process was necessary to reduce waiting periods, submission of incorrect documentation, and frustration at Meat Board offices,” reads the Meat Board statement.

The Meat Board has also approved amendments to the producer registration and permit conditions. Accordingly, the amendment was necessary to maintain a more orderly system in the meat industry. The amended conditions are available at the Meat Board offices (Tel 061-275854), by e-mail [email protected] and on the Meat Board’s website (

“The Meat Board would like to inform all producers that there is no aborocide in stock. Negotiations are still ongoing with suppliers to negotiate the best possible price for the producer. Once the process is complete, the necessary notifications will be shared with the industry,” they concluded.


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