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Improved dam levels

The continual rainfall through out the country has prompted an improvement to the key reservoirs levels that supply water in and around the country suggesting a slight inflow in comparison with the last report which indicated soaringly low dam levels.
The bulk water supplier’s weekly bulletin revealed this week that the majority of storage dams in the country have enjoyed a slight improvement from the good precipitation suggesting that there has been some improvement.
In the last report the average level of all the dams in the country was only 36.1% to full capacity as compared to the recent bulletin that suggests an improvement of 5.8% indicating more inflow into the dams, pegging the levels at an improved 41.9%.
According to this week’s dam bulletin the reservoirs that contribute most of the water utilised in Windhoek like the Swakoppoort Dam signifies an improvement as it currently stands at 57.4% full as compared to previous readings which were pegged at 45%.

Other dam levels are: Von Bach 51.3% (46.6% previous reading), Friedenau recorded 60.5% suggesting very little inflow occurred as it only recorded a 0.5% gain as compared to its previous  reading of 60%. Goreangab Dam on the outskirts of Windhoek recorded a 101.8% managing to move up from 100.8%.
Omatako recorded the most significant inflow of all the dams as it recorded a 13.9% improvement from its earlier report where it was at a critical low and now the dam level is pegged at 19.1%.
Dams in the other regions had some inflow as well, the Hardap Dam recorded 43.7%, an improvement from its earlier 37.1%. Oanob Dam at Rehoboth recorded 53.9% in comparison to the earlier 50.8% suggesting very little inflow. The Naute Dam near Keetmanshoop recorded a slight decrease from 56.3% to 55.1% suggesting that there was no inflow due to no rain and no replacement of the water that was abstracted.
Despite a better inflow in the countries dams, the average levels of the dams still fall short of last season’s recorded levels.

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