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Local Agri union urges farmers to submit animal health declaration forms

Local Agri union urges farmers to submit animal health declaration forms

The Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) has called on farmers to submit outstanding Animal Health Declaration statements, as all submissions have to be finalised by 31 January.

According to the latest issue of the NAU newsletter published last week, livestock producers must submit the declarations, as it is mandatory. Moreover, the periods for which declarations must be completed are from January to June and July to December each year.

Meanwhile, submitted declarations must reach the district state veterinary office within 30 days after the end of each reporting period.

“Data collected through submission of self-declarations is used for animal disease control, for tracking of animal disease trends as well as for compulsory reporting to the World Organisation for Animal Health,” reads the newsletter.

However, stock brands or producers who fail to submit the declarations on time will be restricted until the required documentation is submitted. “We encourage producers to file their submissions online via the NamLITS system.”

Declaration forms can be downloaded from the Meat Board website and are also available at State Veterinary offices. “Producers who hand in the forms at State Veterinary offices should insist on proof of receipt. If the form is submitted by email, send it to [email protected] and ensure that receipt is acknowledged. The best option, however, is to complete the form directly on the NamLITS system.”

The Animal Health Declaration is an official declaration that needs to be completed by all livestock farmers every six months.


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