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Mnyupe to connect investors to Namibian green hydrogen opportunities at London investment reception

Mnyupe to connect investors to Namibian green hydrogen opportunities at London investment reception

The country’s Presidential Economic Advisor and Green Hydrogen Commissioner, James Mnyupe has confirmed that he will participate as a speaker at the African Energy Chamber’s New Year Reception in London at the Waldorf Hilton hotel on 26 January.

According to a recent statement, Mnyupe’s participation builds on the aspirations of positioning Namibia as a global green hydrogen hub, leveraging the country’s abundant renewable energy resources and strategic position to bring new supplies to a region in significant need of energy.

“Namibia’s rich wind potential and constantly high irradiation which allows the country to generate twice as much electricity as systems in European markets have already attracted several stakeholders to the market.”

Currently, the government is progressing with its first GW-scale green hydrogen facility in collaboration with Hyphen Hydrogen Energy; French-based Hydrogène de France is moving forward with plans to construct a utility-scale hydrogen project by 2024; while four additional green hydrogen pilot projects were launched by Mnyupe last year.

These projects represent just the start of Namibia’s green hydrogen journey, with Mnyupe set to showcase the country’s unparalleled green energy opportunities during the London-based reception.

As a speaker, Mnyupe will directly connect with potential investors, providing insight into the country’s business environment, attractiveness as an investment destination, and position to other resource-rich markets across the continent.

During the reception, Mnyupe will help facilitate new prospects for Africa-Europe trade, making a solid case for Namibia and Africa-directed investment in the current energy transition context.


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