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Swakopmund strategic plan builds on 2022 milestones

Swakopmund strategic plan builds on 2022 milestones

By Adolf Kaure.

The Chief Executive of Swakopmund, Alfeus Benjamin, said the municipal council is ready to implement its structural and strategic plan for the year, when he recently gave his new year’s message to the town’s residents.

According to Benjamin, the council is on the cusp of achieving significant targets in 2023, and beyond. “We are cognisant of what we have achieved in 2022, together with the appreciation and constant feedback which we received from the community.”

“Henceforth, we approach this year with renewed vigour and drive to recommit ourselves to excellent services delivery to all our residents and visitors alike,” he said.

Part of the structural and strategic plan includes ensuring that residents of the coastal town receive serviced land and housing.

“We will ensure that we provide land ownership to the people of DRC informal settlement (proper) and DRC Wagdaar to construct low-cost houses through programmes such as Build-Together, the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia and public private projects in extension 25,” said Benjamin.

Basic services will also be offered for extensions 41 and 42 (DRC Wagdaar informal settlement), while there will be a continued provision of access to water, electricity and improved sanitation in Swakopmund’s informal settlements.

The Chief Executive also stated that 2023 will see the construction of higher learning institutions as well as the realization of key investment projects such as a Green Hydrogen project.

Urban agricultural projects as well as the commencement of the upgrading process for the Swakopmund airport and many other approved projects are also on the council’s radar this year.

Additionally, the Swakopmund municipal council will provide various platforms for community and stakeholders consultations on a variety of service and development matters throughout the year.

“We call upon all residents and visitors to make their voices heard. Let us join hands in creating the city we want. The future Swakopmund is in our hands,” he said.

He urged accommodation establishments and other businesses at the town to turn every obstacle presented to them into opportunities.

“The lessons we have learned from 2022 and the positive criticism we have received from our vigilant residents will propel us to even greater heights this year,” said Benjamin.

To conclude his message, the Chief Executive said that he is looking forward to continue the promotion of Swakopmund as the destination of choice in terms of investment, event hosting and leisure.


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