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Social Security Chairman on challenges

“The effective governance of social security systems is an essential prerequisite for the enhancement of the coverage and effectiveness of the benefits. Efficient governance can make a lasting difference. No system of social protection can achieve its objectives without good governance – and a pivotal element of good governance is financial governance” stated  Bishop Emeritus Dr Zephania Kameeta, Chairperson of the Board of Director of the Social Security Commission when he addressed the staff and management at the SSC’s Head Office in Windhoek recently.
Kameeta pledged the full support of the Board and ensured everyone that they would act responsibly and be accountable at all times. He added that the dynamic and resourceful team was well balanced to take on any challenge.
“There are a number of challenges facing the Commission. However, we will put maximum effort into the projects that will extend social security benefits to the formal and informal economies of our country. As directed by the minister, we will also work towards the establishment of the statutorily mandated National Pension Fund and National Medical Benefit Fund,” Kameeta commented.
He advised that the new Board intends to establish the highest possible level of inclusivity and benefits that would serve as an effective barrier to social regression while promoting general social stability in the country.

Kameeta introduced the new Board members saying: “As a strategic imperative, the SSC must continue with concerted efforts to intensify stakeholder engagement to create an enabling environment at the relationship and service level. This goes hand in hand with the expansion of the member base.”

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