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COVID-19 situation in Namibia at present remains stable and manageable says Nangombe

COVID-19 situation in Namibia at present remains stable and manageable says Nangombe

Various COVID-19 surveillance activities country-wide to prepare for, detect, and respond to any resurgence in COVID-19 cases continue, an official said this week.

This involves genomic surveillance conducted in laboratories at the University of Namibia and the National Institute of Pathology, the Ministry of Health and Social Services Executive Director, Ben Nangombe said.

“Through genomic surveillance, our scientists can track the spread of COVID-19 and monitor changes to the genetic code of SARS-CoV2 (the virus which causes COVID-19), which may give rise to new variants. This information is used to better understand how variants might impact public health. This is an important tool in staying ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

Nangombe said this in a statement following recent information circulating on social media of a new and deadlier wave of COVID-19 caused by the so-called new variant.

“According to the latest reports from our laboratories, the Omicron variant continues to be the dominant SARS-CoV-2 variant driving COVID-19 cases in Namibia, mainly the sub-lineages BA.4. Additionally, BA.5., another sub-variant of Omicron, continues to be detected at lower frequency in Namibia,” he explained.

Currently, the global shift on monitoring SARS-CoV-2 variants is focused on BQ.1, which is a sub-lineage of BA.5, as well as XBB, which is a recombinant of BA.2.10.1 and BA.2.75 sublineages, he noted.

Nangombe said in Namibia, although they have detected a low frequency of the sub-variant BA.5, the southwestern African nation has not yet detected BQ.1 nor XBB.

“The COVID-19 situation in Namibia at present remains stable and manageable. Any changes in this regard, at any point, will be announced to the public using official and authentic channels,” he said.


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