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Contingency measure to alleviate the impact of the national taxi strike

The City of Windhoek announced earlier this week it is closely monitoring the transport situation in Windhoek given the disruption caused by the intermittent taxi strike
The City said it has learned about the on going taxi strike that started on 18 March.
 “The strike has affected the mobility of residents in and around the city. Therefore if it continues for a protracted period it will also seriously impact the economy.”
Because of this the City Council has decided to extend the operations of the bus service to mitigate the negative impacts of the strike.

This arrangement will be of a temporary nature while the City investigates ways and seeks resources to run a fully-fledged public transport service that will operate for extended periods.
The operation of the municipal buses will be extended to run from 05:00 am to 24:00 pm on the normal routes and will remain in place until the end of the strike.
Residents are encouraged to plan their trips wisely and catch the municipal buses at their nearest designated bus stops.
In order to ensure safety during this period, the City of Windhoek will increase the visibility of their City Police officials to control crowds and protect the taxi operators who have chosen not to take part in the strike. “The law will be enforced and no victimisation will be tolerated.”
The City of Windhoek said it takes its mandate of enhancing the quality of life of its citizens very seriously.

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